Alienna | Miss Ann



ALIENNA has spent many years collecting records, playing at clubs and now working on new music and live performances with machines.

Already as a child she was intensely fascinated by her parents’ record collection:

A blend of classical music from her dad (Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi,..) & rock/soul music from her mom (Jimmy hendrix, Pink Floyd, Janis Joplin,..).

At age 10 she discovered music from Quazar & The Orb in a local record shop. Also around this period her first keyboard was a fact. A new love for electronic music was born!

Inspired by the Belgian club scene, the radio show Teknoville on Studio Brussels and artists like Laurent Garnier, Moby & Sven Väth in the early nineties, her fascination for mixing grew stronger & stronger.

Soon after, in 1996, she began to pursue her love for mixing and sharing music by buying her first turntables and mixer.

Although her studies in journalism came first, it didn’t take long before ‘Miss Ann’ (later: ALIENNA) appeared in venues & parties around Belgium & the Netherlands:

La Rocca (Lier/BE), Café d’Anvers (Freevibes/BE) (Antwerp/BE), Mondial (Beek/NL), City Parade (BE), Pink Pop official afterparty (NL), Love Parade (NL), Boccaccio/The Temple (Ghent/BE), Extrema Outdoor Belgium and many more….

In 2005 she got her first record deal with the label Banshee Worx/Bonzai Progressive. Her first record Dreamland was released on vinyl in that same year.

In 2014 she launched For The Love of Vinyl on Facebook, a community page for vinyl lovers & addicts.

In 2017 ALIENNA also started a new project: Houthalen on acid (HOA). HOA is the joint combined collaboration project of ALIENNA & Dimi.

ALIENNA developed an eclectic taste in music, ranging far and wide, from energetic funky grooves, soulful uplifting techno, old school house to a deeper spacy & dark sound.

There are no boundaries in music and that is the key to everything!

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