cover 6 years B-wave festival
oktober 3rd, 2020 | Music, NEWS

new release “6 Years B​-​Wave Festival” (Ambient Nation / B-Wave)

Hi! really grateful to be part of this wonderful album presented you by B-wave/ Ambient Nation. You will find my track  "Rayna (live)" on nr. 6 amongst other great artists like Onsturichkeit, Sensory ++ , Erik Wøllo, Michael Stearns, Space ...

Ambient Session Vol. I cover
september 26th, 2020 | Music, NEWS

new release on Ambient Sessions vol. I (Deep Electronics)

Hi Musiclovers & Friends 💫A true honour to be part of the first Ambient Sessions Vol. I compilation by Deep Electronics. What a trip! 29 Tracks from deep atmospheric sounds to a more experimental environment. Enjoy the diversity! Check ...

september 8th, 2020 | ALIEN BLEEPS

Alien Bleeps – Boss DD-7 and TR-909 kick Demo – No talking

Dear gearfreaks, A friend of mine asked me to show how the Boss DD-7 Digital Delay works on a kickdrum, so i made a short video. He said it could be useful for others too, so here it is :) The kick is a sample kick from the TR-909 loaded into my ...

picture of ALIENNA
september 4th, 2020 | Music, NEWS

ALIENNA Loves Synthesizer Jam (Evolver, Octatrack)

Hi all below you can find my latest jam on the Evolver & Octatrack. It is played&recorded directly on a faster BPM (i think 142). I love it to experiment and i am in love with the Evolver. Thank you for listening. ALIENNA · ALIENNA ...

picture of ALIENNA
april 24th, 2020 | Music, NEWS

Live Minimal Synthesizer session (Evolver, Octatrack)

Welcome to another minimalistic synthesizer session on the Evolver (Dave Smith) alongside the Octatrack MKI (Elektron). Unfortunately, I can't recall the noise coming from the Evolver,.. i pushed the record button after some tweeking, so i saved ...

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