Live dark minimal ambient session on Evolver

Live jam dark minimal ambient drone session (We Are Time Travelers)  on evolver + eventide guitar pedal. 40min excerpt. The Heat was ...

Tapetum lucidum (Live) released on Bandcamp

I produced and recorded "Tapetum lucidum" directly playing on 1 machine and the analog heat for adding compression and saturation, while ...

B-Wave Festival 2018 live set, reviews & pictures

B-Wave festival was surprising, intense, magical, unique... I have the feeling I made new friends, and I was very happy to see familiar ...

juli 8th, 2016 | EVENTS, NEWS

BackYard Rave 17.09.2016

Dear RAVERS Mark your calendars and invite your friends, because the 17th of september we are back with our 5th edition of BackYard Rave! Beautiful decorations and a green shaped environment will set the mood for this intimate gathering. ...

yaman day 2016
juli 8th, 2016 | EVENTS, NEWS

Yaman Day 30 & 31.07.2016

YAMAN DAY 2016 will take place on 30 & 31st of july Private Festivibe Familly reunion in loving memory of our Festivibe Deco Man and Best Mate Aurelien Jaspard 16.07.78 - 16.03.08 <3 our best mate Tontonz Lexa <3and our Lil Angel Marie ...

april 28th, 2016 | FOR THE LOVE OF VINYL, NEWS

NEW TECHNICS SL-1200GAE on sale in Japan

According to several sources, Panasonic already released its 50th anniversary Technics turntable earlier this month in Tokyo. The first batch of 300 units was sold out within 30 minutes, priced at 356,400 yen, about $3,300 or 2.900 euros ...

Alienna, Forty Five & Playhouse @ George and the Bear
april 18th, 2016 | EVENTS, NEWS

ALIENNA (BE) Mix @ George & The Bear – Recordstore Day 2016

Record Store Day Belgium @ George and the Bear:​ what a lovely day! THANK YOU vinyl & music junkies, we had an amazing time, thank you dear friends for stopping by , including my mom & stepdad, your presence meant so much to ...

Paradise 25 years vinyl compilation
april 13th, 2016 | FOR THE LOVE OF VINYL, NEWS

Review Paradise 25 years Vinyl Compilation

Twenty-five years ago, the Pacha Ibiza vibe was brought to Belgium by Patrick Soks. Derrick May, Derrick Carter, Stacey Pullen, Todd Terry, Pete Tong, Dimitri, Marcello, Doc Martin, Laurent Garnier, Sven Väth, Bob Sinclar, Luciano… they all ...

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