Alienna | Miss Ann


Watching science fiction movies & series as a child a new fascination for off-worldish sounds was born.

Intrigued by these sounds, she discovered electronic music from Quazar & The Orb in a local record shop at age 10. Also around this period her first bigger keyboard/semi synthesizer was a fact.

In 1996, A. began to pursue her love for electronic music by buying her first turntables and mixer.

Since then she appeared as a DJ in established venues & parties around Belgium & the Netherlands such as Café d’Anvers, La Rocca, Love Parade, The Temple/Boccaccio, Diepgang, Extrema Outdoor Belgium and many more.

After DJ’ing for several years, her first live performance in 2018 was a fact: taking in synthesizers, a drum machine, TB3, a sampler and multiple effect boxes, she will bring you vast sound carpets, surreal pulsating beats wrapped in electronic phrases. 

Operating these machines as flight instruments in a spaceshuttle to create the most mysterious and trippy sounds is her biggest passion. All these influences are brought together in her monthly radio show “We Are Time Travelers” on radio GRK 107.4 from 22u00-01u00.

Throughout all of her sets, Live or DJ, she shares her energy & deep passion for electronic music and beyond, creating an unique universe & atmosphere.


Short (Dutch)

Door het bekijken van science fiction films en series, ontwikkelde ALIENNA op jonge leeftijd een fascinatie voor “off-worldish” sounds.

Haar unieke platenkeuze bezorgde haar zeer interessante bookings bij de meest gerespecteerde clubs en festivals van België.

“Machientjes” bedienen zoals de cockpit van een spaceship om de meest mysterieuze en opzwepende klanken te creëren is haar grootste passie.

Deze invloeden hoor je elke tweede zaterdag van de maand tijdens haar live radioshow “We Are Time Travelers” op radio GRK 107.4 van 22u00-01u00.

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