Pricky Track EP cover

New release – Pricky Track [WATT]

Musiclovers and friends, thank you for supporting my music. Pricky Track is now available on Bandcamp but you can also listen to in on ...

epcover - 2sides

“2 sides” release [WATT]

Hiii, here is this week's release " 2 sides ". On my instagram you can find more info regarding the thinking and creative process. 2 ...

albumcover temporary freak out color

New track release “Temporary Freak Out” [WATT]

New track release "Temporary Freak Out" on We Are Time Travelers [WATT]   Hi i'm ready to share with you my new track Temporary ...

album cover 303 Ghosts
juli 6th, 2021 | Music, NEWS

track release – 303 Ghosts [WATT]

New track release "303 Ghosts" on We Are Time Travelers [WATT] On my instagram i will reveal some extra info regarding the artwork i made for this release and the machines behind the track :) So...Stay in touch and follow me on my instagram: ...

januari 25th, 2021 | ALIEN BLEEPS, NEWS

Moog Mother-32 patch demo – No talking, just bleeps (pt.2)

Hi Musiclovers & friends,   this is a second patch demo video of my adventure with the Moog Mother-32. What a great machine! The Moog Mother is fun to learn and ideal for ambient if you add reverb like I did in this jam session, or if ...

Donker, video & sound
december 31st, 2020 | ART, video & sound

Donker (video & sound)

Hello musiclovers & friends...the last one before 2020 ends... This is a 15 second piece of "Donker" which means “Dark” in Dutch... I created the music a few years ago, only found the mp3 file, lost the original file somewhere. Anyway I ...

december 23rd, 2020 | ART, video & sound

Nervous Track (video + sound design)

Video & Sound by A. Kowalski, Sound lead made on Moog Mother 32 and recorded

december 8th, 2020 | ART, video & sound

Everything feels strange (motion graphics + sound production)

Everything feels strange from A. Kowalski on

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