When I started to work on my live set with machines / hardware only more than a year ago,…, I didn’t realise how much work this would take. The people that know me ever since I started DJ’ing a long time ago, know that I prefer vinyl as a medium. I take this very seriously, choosing the right medium is a very personal matter, and it can evolve over time.. That is why it took me a long time to understand and to choose the right machines to use in a live-setting and to make music with.
I think it took me between six months to a year of research, because of the budget I had in mind and I didn’t want to buy things I wouldn’t be using.

The other thing is: At the moment I don’t have a designated studio space, so I’m forced to unplug everything when I’m done, and to connect it all again whenever I want to start playing again.

Besides the learning curve, it also is very challenging to have a good overall sound when all the machines are playing together in a club environment, because you are working with non-mastered patterns and sounds. I’m not a sound engineer, and I find this lack of knowledge very frustrating 🙁

Hope I will reach the right level soon!


Derrick May:

“I write the names of my songs before I write the songs…I make the music without the drums. I add the drums last….I always make music like that…with the strings, the layers, the textures….”



“My last two KiNK gigs were difficult technically, it seems my machines are on a riot again. Ive been testing the setup for few days in a row and all is perfect, but when i had strong vibrations at the table last two gigs – the system went wild. Not as bad as Paris and Parklife years ago, no silence, but…. a snare roll going for over 8 minutes  I`m not asking for help, as I tested all possible and impossible and I`ll figure it out, but I want to complain, it makes me feel better  Richie said something about vinyl some years ago.. Well, playing live can be a pain in the backside, more than vinyl. Damn, sometimes I wish i was working only with one USB stick. So much time and creative energy is lost in testing USB cables, hubs, debugging software and so on… “




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