Alienna Joining Festivibe

Festivibe is an artists collective located in Belgium, la Wallonie.

Festivibe on Studio Lux FM

Every tuesday, you can listen to Festivibe Radio on Studio Lux FM from 18h00 – 19h00 followed by the Suara Podcast! Today they will be broadcasting my latest podcast! Tune in:


We told you recently we had some great news this new year !!! So Ladies first !!Welcome to Alienna ! Gorgeous Vinyl…

Geplaatst door Festivibe op maandag 11 januari 2016

Shout out to the resident team:

☆★☆Trish Van Eynde – Fuse – Motorcitysound
☆★☆Ben Long – Space Djz – UK
☆★☆Tom Hades – Rhythm Convert(ed)
☆★☆Tom Dazing – Psycho Thrill – Sweet Trade
☆★☆Tomaz – Silo – I Love Techno
☆★☆Redhead Reda recordins
☆★☆Stanny Franssen aka G-Force – Genetic
☆★☆Fabrice Lig – Planet E – Fcom
☆★☆Zzino & Guss Carver – ReLoad Records
☆★☆Double U Jay – Hertz – Chronicles
☆★☆Massimo Mephisto – Noze Brigade
☆★☆ Matt Matter Live Act ☆★☆ K-sys – Fabulous Techno Finds -Tribes Gathering
☆★☆ Sebeing – Inside Out ☆★☆ Stef Hank – Mad Club ( Fuse) ☆★☆

Festivibe Poppies & New Artists :
☆★☆Max Schartz & Kid Gerry
☆★☆Schocks Deep

Festivibe Background:

When creating Festivibe Aiseau Abbey 2002 with Ricardo Villalobos, Space DJZ…voted Best belgian Mass event on,, and WeLove, then Festivibe Clubbin Café dAnvers 2002 elected Best party of the year in Outsoon 2003, those party creators did immediatly set standards high ! Festivibe Heers 2003 ended 3rd best belgian Mass event in the belgian electronic music bible “Outsoon” 2004; I Love Techno and Wechter were n° 1 and n° 2 😉

Also well known due to the “Fabulous @ Mystery Castle” parties where lots of walloons , flemish and even luxos or french techno freaks were coming in amazing castles and farms redecorated with artists as T-Quest, G-Force, Geoffroy aka Mugwump… Festivibe is also behind the Ardennas biggest mass event : Tribes Gathering 2012 & 2013 nominated as Best Small European Festival w/ Jeff Mills, Marco Resman, Detroit Techno Militia, Mad Professor, Spiral Tribe…

They gather the best Belgian deejays and producers : BE BOMBS, who do play around the world with one target : make something happen on the dancefloor. The number of labels owned by their artists says it all as well Rhythm Converted, Reda Recording, Thrill Recording or Motorcitysounds to name a few.

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