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review trip002 nina kraviz

Nina Kraviz – De Niro Is Concerned EP (Trip 002)


This is the second release on Nina Kraviz’ Trip label, a double EP compilation.
Each track has its own specific sound & feeling, raw & diverse!

The artwork, the sound, the artists behind the music,
uncompromisingly it all blends together. Discovering it, is a true journey!

My overall impressions:

The track Revolution by Bjarki: minimalistic but very empowering!

The two tracks on Side D are wonderful, the melancholic track Rush from Nikita Zebelin, followed by Organezized, a funky trippy sound by Deniro (Reynier Hooft) from Amsterdam.
The idea behind the concept of the album actually originates in a conversation between Reynier & Nina.

Nina Kraviz:
“I was talking to Reynier about when the body is set for a good night sleep
but the head rebels against that boring plan and all these strange scenarios start popping up in a quick cycle of images, phrases and sounds.
This time it was about one of those moments when you suddenly realise that you can’t continue as you did before and there is no way back.
I was in a 4 AM Facebook chat with Reynier and we both thought Robert De Niro might have had a moment like that…”

Supplied with this scenario, Portugese artist Tombo, who also did the artwork for the first TRIP EP, delivered his own unique visualisation.

It’s actually quite intriguing how Nina & Tombo‘s collaboration started:
Tombo drew a really creepy dark image of Nina Kraviz and named it “Diarreia mental III“, tagged her & posted this on his Facebook artist page. Nina saw this & contacted him immediately.

With kind permission of mr. Tombo himself, here is the image of Nina Kraviz I’m talking about (you still can find this picture on his artistpage, click on the picture below):

Diarreia mental III by TOMBO

Diarreia mental III by TOMBO

This time there is only one track on this EP from Nina Kraviz, in collaboration with Exos, “No criminals”, a straightforward raw techno track.

I’m also very into the Parrish Smith track on side C – L’Importance De Doute: very intense!

Not to forget: for the lovers of acid: you will definitely like Steve Stolls’ D.U.M.B.O, which has a very minimalistic & hypnotising groove.

What really makes the vinyl version of Trip 002 extra special is the re-release of the legendary Barcode Population, which was originally recorded in London and released in 1996 on Subvert Records. Get ready for 7 minutes of very obscure & minimal techno!

Maybe you will have to watch this video on Youtube  of Thunderdome 7 in Belgium/Antwerp to get the bigger picture


The Barcode Population track is only available on the vinyl version!

If I had to come up with 3 words to describe this EP I would use:

divergent, trippy & obscure 🙂

Most of the tracks on Trip 002 are live recordings, which makes the music on this EP very organic, pure and specific in sound.

“…Because I really believe in music that captures the emotional moment of when it was made”

Nina Kraviz


De Niro Is Concerned EP (Trip 002)

I bought my EP on for 19.99 EUR

New trip 003 will be out 13 of July! Artwork  by Tombo

Tracklist De Niro Is Concerned EP 
A1 Bjarki – Revolution
A2 Deniro – Dumans

B1 Barcode Population – Barcode Population
B2 Kraviz & Exos – No Criminals

C1 Parrish Smith – L’Importance De Doute
C2 Steve Stoll – D.U.M.B.O.

D1 Nikita Zabelin – Rush
D2 Deniro – Organezized

Label: трип

source quote:

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