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Alienna EX

Here we go, finally a short review of the album EX, produced by Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman!

First of all, I really love the album. I know the Expectations were very high, the first new Plastikman material in over 10 years…and some say this is not what they expected.

They expected something bigger or more explosive, I don’t know. I just like the deep, pure & minimalistic sound of this album, I LOVE THE SYNTH LINES, strands of the TB303 (Roland CE)…The album tells me a story, about the past, the present & the future.

I describe the album as a wondrous thing to get lost in. Is it possible to use the tracks separately people ask me?

Just use your imagination, your fantasy, creativity as a DJ, let yourself go and use filters, other sounds or effects, or just play it at the right moment, because that is what we do as DJ’s, right?

I’m always open to discussion, so feel free to leave a comment 🙂

I bought the album @ Kompakt Records shop in Köln/Cologne/Keulen for 24,90 euro incl. free digital download link.

Exhale is my favorite track!

Richie Hawtin himself about the album:

How would you rate EX when compared with Plastikman’s other bodies of work?
“If I didn’t like it , or feel that it was a valued addition to the entire Plastikman collection, I wouldn’t have released it. However, EX is an EXploration into what Plastikman should/could/might sound like in 2014… after ten years there were so many expectations and it was quite nerve-racking thinking about all that again… so I’m very happy to have finally EXposed myself to everyone again, musically, and very happy to keep my recording momentum going and keep pushing to see where Plastikman can go in the future. Making music again makes me VERY HAPPY… and that’s really the main point!”

Source interview:

Kompakt record shop
Werderstrasse 15-19
Köln, Koeln 50672
5 Minute walk from Friesenplatz in Cologne Center.

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