HOT NEWS: TECHNICS turntable coming back in 2016!

new_technics_turntable PanasonicA few hours ago Panasonic announced the rebirth of our beloved TECHNICS turntable in 2016! Panasonic presented a prototype of the new direct-drive turnable at the annual IFA press conference in Berlin.


According to Panasonic the SL-1200 will be completely rebuilt with new elements at every level. But it will also be designed to reflect the esteem in which the classic Technics turntables are still held.

Panasonic points out that the design is not final. The turntable they showed at IFA is a prototype.

So it doesn’t have any controls on it yet, nor does it have the name Technics.

According to different sources the design will be very minimalistic & just a LITTLE different from the prototype. We’ll just have to wait & see.

The prototype is equipped with a newly developed direct drive motor and redesigned high-precision motor control technology.  With this new technology  Panasonic wants to overcome sound quality degradation by tiny vibrations of the motor and rotational speed fluctuations.

Their ultimate goal was to develop an ANALOG turntable that combines its heritage of acoustic technology and advanced DIGITAL technology.

This SYNERGY should make it possible to experience even a more smooth, high-quality & stable sound, reproduce subtle nuances engraved in the analog grooves & the warm sound of vinyl we all love.


“Die Welt ist eine Scheibe. Und Sie dreht sich weiter”


The SL-1200 series (see list below) evolved through ten models during the hi-fi audio boom, beginning in 1972 with the SL-1200 and continuing through 2007 with the SL-1200MK6.

Over the years Technics has become the first choice of DJ’s & vinyl lovers all over the world. After the production-stop in 2007, the support has remained very strong.


Technics new SL-1200 turntable available this summer!


SL-1200 Series:
・1972: SL-1200 ・1979: SL-1200MK2 ・1989: SL-1200MK3
・1995: SL-1200LTD ・1997: SL-1200MK3D, SL-1200MK4
・2002: SL-1200MK5, SL-1200MK5G, SL-1200GLD ・2007: SL-1200MK6

Panasonic Technics

IFA press conference in Berlin 2015







the core (the new direct drive motor):technics-inside-3


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